Sunday, 13 August 2017

How To Create The Perfect Dressing Room

My travels have allowed me to see a lot of old and beautiful architectural designs recently and as I have always been inspired by sleek and modern minimalist styles I wanted to find a way to incorporate these two loves of mine when it comes of creating the perfect dressing room. 

If I ever do have the pleasure of my own walk in dressing room one day (fingers crossed my future husband and I are rich af and he loves me enough to give me what I want) these are some of my top tips for picking furniture and designing your space. 

Create a vision board:

The key to any great design concept is to visualise it first. Whether that's pinning a few ideas from Pinterest or going old school and snipping and clipping ideas and textures from magazines (do people still buy those?), being able to map out your ideas and styles will make picking the perfect furniture for your dressing room much less overwhelming.

Pick your style:

If you're especially clumsy like me when it comes to being around furniture, pointy bits and drawer knobs can be a bit of a health hazard and a one way ticket to 'How did I get that bruise on my leg?' Personally, I would opt for a more sleek and modern design- something stylish and in vogue but still something that would be kind to my shins and calves when I do inevitably knock myself into it. 

Whatever kind of style you choose to go for, make sure it suits you and your needs.

Shop around:

Now you have the design concept down, it's time to do some research on the best furniture stores that suit your budget. I would recommend having a look both online and in store if you can as they are both great for different reasons. In store, you can actually see a fully finished product, including it's size and design. Online shopping is great for finding one of a kind pieces and styles that may not be so commonly found where you are. Not On The High Street, West Elm and Fantastic Furniture are some great places to start your search. 

If your budget is really tight, don't be afraid to go on and check out a local Op Shop or Thrift Store. Refurbishing a bit of old furniture with a bit of sanding and a fresh lick of paint will also do the trick! 

Pro Tip: If you're after a vintage glamour style, you can easily add some details with a fine brush and a bit of metallic paint- think liquid gold!

Adding the final touches:

So now that your dressing room is slowly coming together, it is time for the finishing touches. A bit of glitz, a bit of glam and bibbityboppityboo! 

Don't be afraid to add some texture and colour with a knitted throw, a sparkle with some sequined pillows, or a swinging chandelier light fitting if you're into the luxurious look. If that's not to your taste, how about a comfy armchair and an open shelf to store all of your shoes? Sit back and admire your impressive sneaker and heel collection from afar. 

What are some of your top tips for creating the perfect dressing room?

* This is a paid for advertisement kindly sponsored by Fantastic Furniture.


  1. Love this post, so inspiring, thanks Angelique! Love reading inspo posts on anything to do with interior design!

    Kriselle x

  2. Great tips, I want to redo my whole apartment.

    xoxo Falasha
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  3. Dorothy Kirkland7 December 2017 at 00:29

    I'd love to use your tips in my research paper for My Paper Writer. Currently, I gather material on interior design and you blog is really helpful.

  4. Awesome tips!! Thanks guys for sharing!!! :)


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