Friday, 25 December 2015

VLOGMAS #4: Emotional on Christmas Eve!

The final installment of Vlogmas is here, which can only mean one thing... Santa's coming! 

Getting into the vlogging spirit this week was a little more difficult as I was feeling a bit emotional about approaching another Christmas with a few less family members. I think there can sometimes be a bit of pressure around the festive season to constantly be in a happy mood... I know I have definitely felt it this year.

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer at all, so I did try and keep this vlog quite upbeat with a spot of festive baking! I made some more of my Gingerbread Cupcakes to take with me to Christmas Day lunch and also attempted to make Creme Caramel straight from my grandmother's own recipe books.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hot Mulled Cider Recipe

I love baking all year around, but when it comes to Christmas time, I'm an absolute fiend in the kitchen and I feel I always have to be making or baking something. To me, there's something so homely and festive about a house smelling like gingerbread or sugar cookies. As much as I like to eat, I also love to drink! Steaming mugs of hot chocolate served with whipped cream are usually my drink of choice come Christmas time, but I thought I might switch it up this year and try out a mulled cider recipe.

Traditionally, this recipe calls for wine to be used instead of cider, served hot with an array of spices such as clove, cinnamon and star anise. What better 'Christmassy' flavours, don't you think?

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Friday, 18 December 2015

Drunk Dog, Christmas Lights & Going to Little Mix!

Enter week three of Vlogmas and we find ourselves only a week away from Christmas. Cue panic and stress over how many gifts I still need to wrap! Please tell me it's not just me?

This week, Sarah and I had our annual Christmas Movie Marathon where we got all cozy in our Christmas jumpers and watched some of our favourite festive films. We also headed to a popular Melbourne suburb which is well known for their Christmas lights every year. There's practically a whole street adorned with moving Santa's, glowing reindeer and candy canes dotted in every front yard, it's basically the epitome of Christmas and all things wonderfully festive.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Rumball Recipe

Don't let the title fool you, I promise this Rumball recipe is actually sans alcohol and very kid friendly, but I wouldn't object to adding a little rum in to get everyone into the festive mood. You'll thank me for this later when you're sitting around a table with your relatives and they start asking you why you still don't have a boyfriend. Is this just me?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Get Ready With Me: Christmas Edition

I know I'm really into Christmas. I mean, I start thinking about and preparing for it from around September and I understand that most people would think I'm totally mad- (I am) but there is just something so wonderful and 'homey' about Christmas time that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

So it would come as no surprise to you that I have already started thinking about what I will be wearing for the big day and especially any parties leading up to Christmas too. I've already come up with a makeup look in my head, that (of course) includes a beautiful red lip, so I thought I would share this with you!

Friday, 11 December 2015

VLOGMAS #2: Christmas Shopping & Dog Washing

Kicking off week two of the Vlogmas festivities, I made a good dent in my Christmas shopping list, so I'm pretty happy about that and now have some presents I can start wrapping. I don't know about you, but I love giving gifts to people more than I enjoy receiving them. There's something so fulfilling about finding that 'perfect gift' that you know a friend or family member would love!

My brother and I also got around to washing our dog, Chilli who is a complete hydrophobe so that was an interesting task to say the least! He ended up running around the house in circles like a madman and even tried to bite the lens off my camera once or twice! He's an absolute nutter but so bloody cute so I can't help but forgive him!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Decor Inspiration

Whether you're hosting Christmas this year or not, you can't deny that Christmas decorations really get you into the festive spirit. Seeing a lovely table laid out with beautiful decorations and bursting colours of red, green and streams of gold, makes it pretty impossible to be a grinch. 

This festive season, I wanted to inspire you with some beautiful decorations, table settings and even show you some sneak peeks of a few festive inspired recipes that will be appearing on this blog in the next month. So grab your mug of hot cocoa, rug up (if you're somewhere cold) and prepare yourself to feel as festive as possible by the end of this post!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Making Gingerbread Houses with Melissa Bubbles

I've always wanted to bake and construct my own Gingerbread House and these feelings especially tend to crop up around Christmas time. Naturally, I thought I would kick off the Christmas festivities with a cute little collaboration with a fellow YouTube friend, Melissa Bubbles.

I am sure most of you are already familiar with our banter from previous videos but when the two of us get together to film, we are an unstoppable laughing machine!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Vlogmas Fail & I GOT SNAPCHAT!

If you were watching out for my really exciting announcement over on my Facebook Page earlier this week, you will already know that I am participating in Vlogmas this year! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept of Vlogmas, don't you worry... I go into detail in my video below so watch out for that!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My 5 Summer Essentials

Before we spiral into a world of nothing but Christmas anticipation, I thought I would take a moment to address the fact that it's officially the beginning of Summer here in Australia. The next three months will (likely) bring terribly hot weather, dehydration and the inevitable sunburn. Trust me, no matter how much one 'slip, slop and slap's' there is still an 80% chance your skin will burn if you decide to step out of your house on a 'lovely' and 'breezy' 45C day. 

Okay, so the hot weather makes me a little more sarcastic than usual but honestly I can't stand the Australian Summer heat. I would much rather be with my relatives in Germany, rugging up and walking along the Christmas markets in the Winter snow. 

Alas, I am not a millionaire and cannot afford to constantly travel to avoid the Summer heat, so I thought I would share some of my top tips to staying cool this Summer.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

One year on YouTube!

Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies by? Celebrations and occasions pass and before you know it, it's Christmas and then the New Year begins again.

Today, (to the day, actually) marks the first anniversary of my YouTube channel. It has been an absolute whirlwind of a year and I have made so many new friends through this little community of content creators. I am so humbled by the fact that there are some of you who actually tune in and actively watch my videos every week. 

I'm a little bit mushy sometimes and the nostalgia waves can sometimes hit me like a tsunami (90s kids problems) so I decided to put this little clip together to reminisce on my first YouTube anniversary!

Friday, 27 November 2015

S/S Nail Picks '15

For each season, there is a new trend for anything. From hairstyles to makeup to nails, the weather change generally indicates what's in style at the moment.

As we are approaching the 'Summer months' here in Australia (a.k.a. 'Hotter than Hell') I thought I might sit back and share with you what shades I'm going to be wearing on my nails for these upcoming months of torture- I mean, happiness.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

BotanicES Review

Hands up if you like a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning? How about a coffee body scrub? 

Well, have you ever thought about including coffee in your skincare regime? 

The BotanicES natural caffeine skincare range claims to rejuvenate, hydrate and balance your skin in an environmentally sustainable way. Their gentle creams contain natural caffeine which provide a rich source of anti-oxidant properties for tighter, firmer skin with a supple complexion. 

Sounds interesting? Read on.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

NEW Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Being a (slightly-obsessed) lover of beauty, I'm always on the hunt for the next big product to make a break in the market. Testing products is almost a religion to me and something I love to do in my spare time. 

So naturally, when one of my favourite foundations decided to change their formulation and packaging, I wanted to be the first to critique it! I have tested, worn and put this foundation to work, so here are my thoughts on Rimmel's new Match Perfection* Foundation.

Friday, 20 November 2015

#NOTD | Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel in 'Geo-Mint-ric'

Kickin' it old schol #NOTD today, I have recently been obsessing over this shade from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection in 'Geo-Mint-ric'*. Not only is it a cute play on words, it is also a cute colour to wear if you want to get showered with compliments and praised about how beautiful your nails look. 

I am absolutely digging this formula too, it's super easy to apply because it has a wide brush and it also dries so much quicker than any of my other nail polishes. Plus, it 'cures' to this gel polish look in natural sunlight. I want one in every colour, please!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tea for your Bath?

I love to enjoy a nice cup of tea from time to time and I am a huge fan of drinking a warm mug of my  favourite herbal 'sleepy-time' tea right before bed to wind me down for the evening.

What I had never imaged however, was dipping a tea bag into my bath! Thinking about it, it honestly doesn't sounds so crazy- as long as you imagine your bath to be one giant tea cup, I think you'll get along with the idea just fine...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Glowy/Festive Makeup Tutorial

You might be already familiar with my most recent obsession of highlighting my face into a glittery disco ball. If not, 'Welcome' to you!

Ever since stumbling across the highlighter combination that is Mary-Lou and a certain liquid Skin Tint, I have been envisioning this glowy, illuminated makeup look that will take your ordinary daily makeup to epic, highlighted proportions. 

The best thing about this look, is it can be worn with absolutely any lip! Whether you prefer a sultry nude or a beautifully, bold lip- any combination will work for you. I was undecided which lip choice I wanted to go for so I ended up picking out a new lip product and viola; we now have a festive spin on this glowy makeup. 'Tis the season for highlighting...

After first stumbling across Lush's new range of makeup items, I was quickly entranced by these liquid lipsticks. Decisive* is one of the many gorgeous array of colours they currently offer both in store and online and boasts a gorgeous cool-toned red, perfect for the upcoming festive season!

Products Mentioned:

Skindinavia Makeup Primer Spray*
Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
ABH Dip Brow Pomade
NYX Eye Primer Skin Tone
Coastal Scents Hot Pot S03
Sephora Smart Liner
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer
Sleek Blush in Chantilly
Lush Lipstick in Decisive*


I feel like the more and more I play around with highlighting, the more obsessed I become. Does anyone else feel that way about highlighter? Just me?

What is one makeup trend you are loving at the moment?

Friday, 13 November 2015

The New Rosehip Oil Craze

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I certainly have, Rosehip Oil has taken over the beauty world by storm. Rosehip Oil has been used for centuries for it's potent skin regeneration properties, helping to nourish the skin and achieve a radiant glow, but it first popped up on my radar when I saw some of my other blogger friends talk about it in their video and blog posts. One friend even raved about how Rosehip Oil helped grow her eyelashes longer and thicker! You could say I was definitely intrigued, so I wanted to find out what this 'miracle' oil could do for me. 

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mini Sephora Australia Haul

Ever since I first got into watching beauty gurus on YouTube, I have not stopped hearing about the coveted 'Sephora' store. If anyone here watched American beauty gurus back in 2010, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The black and white stripes soon became an obsession and a need I had to fulfill.

Now here's where living over in good ol' Australia definitely has it's downs. It takes approximately 2345018 years for trends to catch on and brands to even think about shipping here before anything exciting happens. With the announcement of the first ever Australian Sephora store last year I got my hopes up that my city would be picked to host the flagship store. Alas, Sydney was chosen over Melbourne and this is truly why the rivalry runs deep between these two cities as it's always a battle of which city is 'better'. I'm born and raised in Melbourne and trust me, this rivalry mindset starts young! Eh, you win some you lose some- we were the first city in Australia to get H&M, so I suppose it's only fair.

Without any real need to go to Sydney other than to visit the Sephora store, I decided to patiently wait until a Melbourne store was announced... Thank the makeup gods it launches this month! Also launching this month was the Sephora AU online store and oh my, it's fabulous. They are still adding new brands to the site every day but I was only really interested in one thing, the Sephora Collection.
I decided to purchase a few things (that weren't already sold out) to try out and I'm so excited to actually have these products in my hands.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Empties #2 : Products I've Used Up & Review

I have a habit of hoarding empty containers and products under the premise that I will actually get around to filming an Empties video...eventually. At the same time, I also have a pet peeve of clutter and disorganisation so I end up getting frustrated hoarding these containers and they usually end up in the recycle bin.

Before the clutter got too much again, I thought I would quicker gather my empty containers together and film this video so I don't drive myself absolutely mad.

Friday, 6 November 2015

5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I always find that I'm in more of a mood to eat breakfast as the weather starts to warm up. Here in Melbourne, we are slowly but surely approaching some much nicer Spring/ Summer weather, which has definitely gotten me in the mood to get back into the kitchen and get creative.

I absolutely love breakfast, (more specifically brunch) but some days I can't be arsed coming up with new ideas of what to eat and it can be somewhat draining to think of a breakfast that makes you excited to start your day. 

So I've decided to put a twist on a few oldies; here are my 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to help kickstart your morning!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I'm a Top Beauty Blogger?

Apparently my little blog, which was born in the middle of my quarter-life crisis, comes in at number 20...I'm super stoked to say the least! I just wanted to make a quick post and share will you how grateful I am to have joined the blogging community and thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support of my blog. I'm also thankful for the wonderful friendships I have made along the way, especially in this past year! I have come across some seriously creative, talented and like-minded people and I am ever so blessed to be faced with such open-ended encouragement. 

Check out the infographic below to see where all your favourite blogs have placed! Congratulations to all bloggers mentioned, well done! 

Top 50 Beauty Bloggers In Australia 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites

It's that time of the month again...favourites time! This past month has been all about rediscovering old product favourites and experimenting with oils and moisturisers. Dry skin girls, I think I finally feel your pain and I have a solution just for you! Make sure you check out the video in the post below for my tips on dealing with dry, flaky patches when it comes to applying foundation.

Friday, 30 October 2015

What's on my Nightstand?

Don't let me fool you into a illusion that  everything is rainbows and smiles when it comes to my beauty regime. I'll admit, sometimes sticking to a routine can be a bit difficult, life does get in the way and other times you really just can't be arsed. In a perfect world I would double cleanse, use a daily serum and shave much more often than I actually do. 

That being said, there are a few products that I like to keep on my bed side table to ensure I'm at least doing the bare minimum when it comes to my evening routine. Keep on reading to check out 'What's on my Nightstand'!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My Favourite Real Techniques Brushes

I feel like I'm always going on about my favourite beauty products here on my blog, but I've never really discussed my favourite pick of tools for the job. Real Techniques have been on my radar as some of the most high quality, affordable makeup brushes for the past few years. I can distinctly remember having these sets on my Wish List one Christmas, when they first made an appearance in the beauty scene. Made and designed in collaboration with Sam and Nic Chapman of the Pixiwoo fame on YouTube, I knew I had to have my hands on them.

The Real Techniques brush collection is of unbelievable, almost professional quality for a fraction of the price. It's also made of synthetic fibres, which means it is 100% animal cruelty free.  I've tried so many brushes from their collections, I wanted to share my pick of the creme de la creme with you.

Excuse the dirty makeup brushes, but I think it gives you a feel of just how much I love and use these brushes on an almost daily basis!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween Makeup Tutorial | 'Beauty is Pain'

Prepare for the gore of your life! 

I've recently become obsessed with special effects makeup, especially in the lead up to Halloween. Honestly, Australian's aren't typically known for getting into the whole idea of Halloween, at least that's not the way it was when I was growing up. It has increasingly become more of a celebration among younger kids who are now dressing up and taking part in Trick or Treating... of course it becomes a 'thing' as soon as I'm too old for it! 

In saying that though, I know there are a lot of 'grown up' Halloween parties and occasions popping up so I thought I would draw on my more recent love of SFX makeup and I came up with this 'Beauty is Pain' look, that is the perfect amount of glam and gore. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

My Favourite Etsy Stores

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Etsy site, (have you been living under a rock?) it is a marketplace where people all around the world connect to buy and sell handmade and vintage goods. Etsy offers a meaningful and personal shopping experience to consumers and gives independent, creative businesses around the world the tools to be successful. 

Basically you can find plenty of one-off, one-of-a-kind items that have been hand crafted with love. Sounds pretty good right? I can sometimes find myself browsing the Etsy website on an almost weekly basis and I generally tend to gravitate towards Harry Potter memorabilia. What a shocker, right? 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015



In celebration of the official 'Back To The Future' Day today, I'm going to get in my Delorean, turn on the flux capacitor and set the date, to travel back in time and revisit some of my favourite blog posts that I have created and written this year.

I am aware that in the sidebar of this blog that there are some 'Top Post' suggestions, (which are awesome by the way) but I thought I would hand pick some of my favourite blog posts that I have written and that I'm truly proud of. I suppose it's kind of like showing off the favourite bits about your child...

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Kryolan Event @ Melbourne Emporium

Most of you will probably already be familiar with the makeup brand, Kryolan and recognise it as a Professional Makeup Brand more commonly used by leading makeup artists for the last 70 years.  I remember first coming across Kryolan back when I was studying Drama and Theatre Studies in High School and the brand definitely holds a fair bit of nostalgia for me. Until recently, I had always assumed Kryolan was a brand strictly for use by makeup artists, but I am assured that's not necessarily the case. 

I was super lucky to be invited to the official launch of one of the first Kryolan stand alone stores here in Melbourne and we were treated to a beautiful demonstration and talk through of their products by their makeup artist, Becca Gilmartin. 

Friday, 16 October 2015

Gastronomy Tour: Adelaide

Thank God it's Friday! It has only been a four day week for me, but I swear they have been the longest 4 days of my life. Last week/ weekend, my mum and I took a little city break trip for a girl's weekend away in Adelaide. We had such a nice time away together, it was actually quite fun to wholeheartedly relax and do absolutely nothing. Well... not exactly nothing where I'm involved, because food is surely to follow. Cue a vast amount of pictures of food, drinks and dessert, here's my Gastronomy tour of Adelaide!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Faux Glow

The faux glow trend has really been on my beauty radar lately and after a few seasons running, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon. 

As I've mentioned countless times before, my skin is so super oily that I thought I was never going to be able to join in on the highlighting trend. I lusted after Mary-Lou and Soft & Gentle like it was a religion and envied all who could pull off that #onfleek highlighting game while I was in a cakey, mattify-my-life land. Don't get my wrong, my skin didn't look like the desert, it was trying to pull off it's own highlighting game...but, in all the wrong places! 

I eventually decided that enough was enough and my face was going to be #fleekin and highlighting regardless of oil-control, or lack thereof.

Enter three of my favourite highlighting products, theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer, Lush's Feeling Younger Skin Tint and The Body Shop's Shimmer Waves.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

ASOS Fashion Haul

I usually can't be bothered going shopping, I have to be really in the mood otherwise it just frustrates me to no end. This is why I usually choose to shop online, I can avoid any dramas and hassles and I can shop from the convenience and comfort of my bed. Usually, I just put a load of different items in my shopping basket check the total, laugh and close the tab, but occasionally I will actually purchase something.

This time turned out to be one of those occasions, so I thought I would film a haul video for you and share some of the items I purchased.

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Best Mascara For Oily Eyelids

Hands up if you've ever caught your reflection during the day with a face full of makeup that you've put so much effort into, only to find your mascara has decided to smother your eyelids in little black lines. Me, I have! It is honestly the most frustrating thing ever and I blame my oily eyelids every time. Those poor eyelids, what did I ever do to them? How dare they bring shame up on this #flawless face?

But seriously, there was a point in time where I had completely given up on ever finding a mascara that didn't transfer- I even bought a couple of waterproof formulas in hope they would help the situation but had the same thing keep on happening! Ugh, the frustration!

That is, until I discovered my coveted, holy grail mascara and I have never looked back.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

DIY Bath Bombs | Luxe for Less

There's nothing more I love than taking a nice, hot bath and relaxing at the end of a long day. I love bath time so much- it's seriously the best time. But bath time means using up my store of Lush products and although I would like it to be, it is not an endless stash. My favourite bath bombs do come at a price, sometimes which I can't necessarily afford on my student budget.

I thought I would share this bath bomb DIY, but if Bath Bombs aren't your thing then you can check out my Bath Salts DIY here. I chose to colour my bath bombs this gorgeous lime green and scent it with a relaxing blend of essential oils which will help me off to the land of nod next time I take a bath.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

September Favourites

My calendar reads October, but I swear it was only August yesterday...where has the time flown? I have been testing and reviewing a lot of products this month so I wanted to share some of the creme de la creme with you. 

I have really been loving the faux glow look lately so there are three separate products dedicated to highlighting and illuminating alone. I know, I know, it's crazy and excessive but what can I say- I want to shine bright like a diamond! 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Nuxellence & Nuxe White Skincare Review

I have been a huge fan of the French brand, Nuxe for quite a while, I'm particularly in love with their Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil which I am sure you have seen me rave about before on this blog. A couple of months ago, myself and some other Melbourne bloggers were invited to a Nuxe event for the launch of their new product lines, Nuxellence and Nuxe White.

We were kindly gifted some products from their new range to sample and review, including the Nuxellence Detox* and the Nuxe White Intensive Whitening Dark Spot Serum* and I have been testing out these products in my skincare routine for the last two months. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Jamberry Nails Review

Are you frustrated with your chipped nails? Have Shellac manicures ruined your nail bed? Are you time poor but still want your nails to look like you've made an effort? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then read on!

A little while ago, Jamberry got in contact with me and asked me to review their nail wraps* ahead of their October 1st release date here in Australia. I love all things to do with nails and nail art so I was definitely excited to jump on the bandwagon and try them out.

I'm assured that Jamberry nails wraps are made of high quality vinyl adhesive nail wraps and are easy to apply on your nails. They claim to give you a beautiful manicure at a fraction of the price of a salon manicure- which I'm all about. Supposedly, they can last up to 2 weeks on your fingernails and up to 4-6 weeks on your toenails. I was super impressed by these claims, so I put them to the test. Here are my thoughts. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

One Brand Tutorial: Boe Beauty & Boe Professional

I love a good budget beauty brand and being a student, I like to shop around for the best quality products with the best prices. I stumbled across the Boe Beauty/ Boe Professional brands earlier this year and was super impressed by the quality and the fact they are a cruelty free, Australian company.

In the past year, I have accrued a lot of products from this brand, so I thought I would try and come up with a 'one brand' makeup tutorial using only these products. There are quite a lot, so some of these products will also be a first impressions as well as a review too.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Long Hair Edit

Earlier this year, I took the plunge and cut off most of my hair. For someone who has had long hair their entire life, it was a huge change for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my new short hair, but when Irresistible Me offered to send me some Clip In Extensions* to review, I was curious enough to say yes. I know, when you first hear (or read) the words 'hair extensions' you may cringe. For years I only associated them with the girls at school who wore them as a cheap and poorly blended hair accessory.  I had never seen the appeal of hair extensions before as my hair has always been long and thick, but now I am a changed woman with an adult hairstyle, I thought I should give them a fair go.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lush Haul

How pretty does that bath bomb look? If the striking purple colour doesn't grab your attention then surely the sparkles will! I'm a sucker for Lush products because bath time is the best time and when you have cool products to play with in the bath, it makes it even better! You already know how much I absolutely love Lush, it's no secret that I spend my spare time scrolling through their website and sniffing my way through their stores. A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Lush party with a few friends and we laughed and shopped our way through the Lush store after hours. Here's a few of the things I picked up to replenish my bath product stock.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Wanderlist : My Top 5 Wishlist Travel Destinations

I am a list kind of person. I like to be organised, (sometimes to the extreme) and I hate, absolutely hate being late. I have a huge love for travel and exploring and if money weren't an object, would move countries tomorrow if I could. I want to navigate the world and have an innate desire to travel, which is really the basis of this post and why I have joined my wanderlust and love for lists to bring you the 'Wanderlist'.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

FABY Nails 'Ocean Boulevard' | #NOTD

Sometimes when life gets a little busy I often get sidetracked and forget to paint my nails. I know, shocker. In the scheme of things, I suppose it's pretty insignificant, but I do like to present myself as well groomed so when I don't have my nails painted I feel naked.

As you already know, I am a sucker for a dark nail polish- it doesn't matter what time of the year it is! So you can imagine that when I first spotted this FABY Nails polish in 'Ocean Boulevard'*, I was instantly hooked! I love that it still looks dark on the nails at first glance, but in sunlight changes to this gorgeous, dark navy blue hue. I also love the flecks of purple that run through the varnish too, it makes it a very eye catching nail colour, especially in the sunlight.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Face Masks & Tag Videos

If you are a close follower of my social media accounts, you will probably already know some of the familiar faces of blogger friends that I have made this year. One of those gorgeous people is the undeniably bubbly (and aptly named) Melissa Bubbles. Together, we collaborated on each of our YouTube channels to bring you two videos filled with laughter and honesty.

We chose to film the 'Pamper Me Pretty' tag over on my channel, (AnjeliqueTV) and donned some beautiful (read: scary) face masks for the occasion. If you aren't already, I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel (it's free!) and I'll appear in your subscription boxes whenever I upload a new video, so you'll never miss an upload. Make sure you head on over to Melissa's channel and blog as well to see what we got up to in her video!

If you want to keep up to date with everything I'm doing when I'm not blogging, make sure you stay in touch with me on Instagram and Twitter, I'm positive I'll be posting there all weekend. 

Love you lots and I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are. 

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