Wednesday, 26 November 2014

HOW TO: Master Your Eyeliner

'How did you get your eyeliner like that?'

No, seriously. 

But for all you non- magic folk out there, stay tuned because today's post is an in depth discussion of eyeliner and all things winged and also features a special guest you may be familiar with, if you've read my tips on How To Contour.

I will be talking about the 3 different formulas you can use you create your perfect eyeliner, so familiarise yourself with them down below and let's get a crackin!

KOHL Pencil is a perfect start for the absolute beginner.
I personally like to use pencils for really thickening up the roots of the lashes and creating a subtle definition around the eyes. I also find working with eye pencils fabulous because you really don't have to worry about precision here, it's all about thickening up the lashes and creating a subtle smoky effect. 

To get this look, you want to make sure most of your eyeliner is concentrated around the roots of your lashes by using a 'wiggly' motion, concentrating on the outer 2/3rds of you eyelid. Using a small eye brush, blend your pencil line across and out. If you've made any mistakes drawing your line you can fix it here with the blending.

GEL Liner is for you if you're a winged liner newbie.

Or really, anyone. I much prefer gel liner to liquid as I find by using a brush I have much better control of where my product is actually going and can map it out lightly before going in all gung-ho.
I find that gel liner is very similar to the finish of a pencil liner, except with much more pigmentation.

To get this look, you will need an angled brush and patience. As a general rule for winged liner, imagine you are tracing a line from your lower lash line up towards the end of your brow- that is the direction of where your wing should be heading once you start tracing it out. From here, you can determine how much wing you want. I would suggest keep checking in the mirror, facing straight on to make sure your wing is visible once you open your eyes. If you're happy with what you see, take your brush from the end of the tail and drag it to the inner corner of your eye- fill in the blanks and VIOLA! 

LIQUID Liner is for the seasoned professionals or those looking for more of a crisp line.

I love like the look of liquid liners yet hate the way you have to apply them, but I'm happy to sacrifice pointy lines with better control. My only recommendations when it comes to choosing your liquid eyeliner is to pick one with a felt tip. Felt tips give you much more control as opposed to a brush end which can leave you in all sorts of crazy when the bristles bend out of shape. 

Remember, liquid liners are just that- liquid. Don't forget to let your liner dry before opening your eyes otherwise you'll end up with a black crease!

Okay, so you still having trouble with your eyeliner?
#LifeHack right here- use sticky tape. Yep, you read that right. 
It's my go to saviour when I'm having a bad eyeliner day and running low on patience- just cut yourself a small piece, find that angle from your lower lashline to your brow and you have a ready made angle! It doesn't even matter if you accidentally draw on the tape because it comes right off and leaves you with a beautiful clean line!

Keep in mind, if this is your first attempt at winged liner it might not be perfect- I still have off days where it's just not gonna work and you have to just deal with that. The universe works in mysterious ways my friend. ; )

So, you have graduated from eyeliner school, what now?

Let me know in the comments if you like this style 
of post and would like more tutorials like this!


  1. Great post! I suck at eyeliner and this was really helpful looking forward to seeing more like this. :)

    1. Thanks so much Courtney!
      Hope this helps you on your eyeliner quest ^_^




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