Monday, 13 October 2014


If you're following me on Instagram then you've probably seen the copious amounts of food on there this past week. If you're not, you should probably start following me so you don't miss out on the food related posts and we can drool together. 

I've since decided that this week's travel update will be all food related, so beware to all those on a juice cleanse. 

Starting off the week in Stuttgart at the Wasen, I am surrounded by beer, bratworst and gingerbread hearts everywhere I turn! I was so tempted to buy a mini gingerbread but they were decorated so beautifully they looked too good to eat.

My cousin, Christina played tour guide for us! 

Just look at all the cute stalls in the background! Reminded me on Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. So beautiful!

Now onto food! If you know me outside this blog then you would already know I love my food, so without further ado let me introduce to you Deutschland's finest!

Let's start with this drink first. This babe is called Mezzo Mix. It's made by Coca Cola and is a mix between Fanta and Coke. It's slogan is literally translated to 'Cola Kisses Fanta'. 


This isn't any ordinary chocolate biscuit. This is the ULTIMATE chocolate biscuit.
 The chocolate to biscuit ratio is perfect with this one!

Now onto the main attraction... SPAGHETTI EIS!
I'm pretty sure this is a German thing, (kind of like the Mezzo Mix) as I have never seen anything like this before! It's Vanilla Ice-Cream which is pushed through a pasta making instrument, topped with Strawberry sauce (emulating the tomato sauce) and a sprinkle of 'parmesan cheese' (white chocolate)!

There's an abundance of flavours too- including chocolate.

Oh, and cocktails adorned with Haribo lollies. 

Leading on from the subject of food, why not show you a photo I took on a walk of a cute little gingerbread house? 

Imagine them in Winter with a scattering of snow over them! ^_^

If this week has taught me anything it's that I need to learn German so I can move here ASAP.
Next week will be my last one here in Germany before flying back to Aus so I'm hoping to shop, shop, shop! ; )

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite food is from above! ^^

What did you get up to this week?


  1. Hi there :) i live in Germany so all of this is simply normal food for me, however I love to see somebody who doesn't know them try them out. Isn't trying local food one of the best parts about traveling? Enjoy your trip!

    1. Hi Katie!

      I've been to Germany a handful of times and each time I'm here I marvel at the food! haha
      I love trying local foods, especially going into supermarkets and finding gems like these! ^

      Thanks so much! Check back here during the week for more updates!



  2. Hi Angel
    I have just returned from Germany and am almost sober now :-)
    I think I enjoyed the Greek food more!!
    Have fun...Hi to Goanna


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