Sunday, 10 August 2014

City Adventures with Sarah! | AnjelCo

How was your Friday? Friday for me was an adventure-packed, fun day, spending some time with my best friend Sarah in the city! 

I love these types of photos so much so I decided to try my hand at them! Here's a couple of things I wore the other day:

 Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, Model's Prefer Instant Glow Highlighter, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation, Nars Lipgloss in Como (Side note: How cute is the travel size?), Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. 
(Although, I didn't end up wearing the watch because I noticed after taking this photo that the time had stopped! Whoops! Got to get that fixed!)

Sarah and I headed straight for the new H&M Store over on Bourke St- but I think we only spent 20 minutes in there before we got so overwhelmed by the amount of customers in there we had to leave!

Just as we were leaving and heading towards the Melbourne Emporium I was explaining to Sarah about my macaron craving and BAM! As if by magic, a wild macaron store appeared out of nowhere and answered my prayers. We obviously HAD to go in as it was a sign sent by the macaron heavens above- and boy aren't we glad we did!

Now, I'm no macaron connoisseur and up until 6 months ago I had never even tried one, but let me tell you... WOW. I have never tasted something so soft and gooey and beautiful in my entire life.
Excuse me, I got really distracted writing this blog post because I also have a tab opened on the 'Cacao' website and I'm currently salivating over all the flavours. I know you probably want to check it out too so I'll link it for you here.

You're very welcome.

After crying about how great our macarons tasted and some retail therapy to calm us down, we decided to go and find somewhere to get our nails done. After weighing up the odds of Shellac vs Bio Sculpture Gel, we opted for the latter. I went for a half moon look I have been dying to try (but never had to patience to do myself) and Sarah went for this gorgeous purple, lilac colour.

Next, we entertained ourselves with afternoon tea and scones at this cute little tea shop, aptly named 'The Tea Salon'. It was such a cute and whimsical setting and was exactly how I pictured Madam Puddifoots from Harry Potter to be, (for all you HP enthusiasts)!

 As we were enjoying our English Breakfast tea with Dark Chocolate scones (heaven), Sarah and I made a vow to return at least once a month and try every single tea they have on offer.

To cap off the night, we headed down to Docklands for the Winter Fireworks (and a Nandos dinner) and we were not disappointed by the display!

I have also learnt that I'm completely rubbish at taking photos of fireworks. I'll keep working on that!

Happy Sunday!

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